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"During a career in law enforcement;

I saw unthinkable tragedy, desperation, socioeconomically induced learned hopelessness- along with logic defying miracles and instances of true beauty. 

Good, bad, and ugly-

It all gave me a comprehensive view 

of the human experience. 

Through this, I discovered by focusing on improving the lives of others, successively, we are able to enrich our own life." 

- Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.) 

How Can Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.) Help You? 


Investigations and Advocacy 

 Having served in a diverse range of law enforcement roles, Tim McMillan now uses his experience as a police veteran to help individuals and private firms with the cases that matter the most. 

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Public Speaker

As a retired career police officer, cognitive psychology expert, writer, and civil rights activist Tim McMillan is an unparalleled keynote speaker who inspires ethical excellence.  


Consulting and Training 

More Info

Whether it's using his experience as a public advocate; P.O.S.T.-certified law enforcement instructor; or his work in cognitive psychology and data analysis; Lt. Tim McMillan offers a wide range insights that translate into significant improvements in private or public sector industries. 


Lt. Tim McMillan

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