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“L.O.V.E. Is The Answer: How You Can Put Principles Of Love Into Action To Build A Stronger Police-Community Marriage” is the perfect companion book to our award-winning film, “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer.” The book is perfect for casual reading by individuals, detailed studies by small groups or discussions by book clubs. Colleges, high schools, middle schools, law enforcement agencies, police academies, ministries, civil rights groups and other organizations will want to use this book as their guide to improving police-community relations. Companies will want to use L.O.V.E. Is The Answer to improve the way their security, sales and other personnel interact with people they encounter. Community associations should give a copy of this book to every household.

* Each L.O.V.E. Is The Answer, Director’s Edition book is signed by the author and numbered. There will only be 5,000 Director’s Edition books made. Each one will become a collectible item! Buy one to read over and over again and one to store away to keep in pristine condition!

* COMMUNITY BONUS! We will donate 1 annual screening license of the film “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer” to a high school or middle school for every 20 Director’s Edition books sold as part of our campaign to get our film used by 500 schools nationwide by the end of 2020 (Each school license is a $495 value). You will help inspire reconciliation nationwide with your purchase of the book.

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At the heart of the “L.O.V.E. Is The Answer” book is this pledge:

I pledge to LEARN about the people in my community, to unconditionally OPEN my heart to their needs as if they were all immediate family members, to VOLUNTEER to be part of the solution in their life during both good and challenging times, and to EMPOWER everyone I meet to do the same as if our lives depended on each other.

In addition to author A.J. Ali sharing his “25 Things I’ve Learned During My First 25 Years Of Marriage That Can Be Used To Improve The Police-Community Relationship,” more than two dozen reconciliation experts and social justice visionaries share their real-life experiences, lessons learned, best practices and refreshing ways to foster reconciliation in communities.  This book is the perfect study-guide to accompany the film “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer.” Together, the book and the film will equip America to learn how to utilize the power of transformational love to break down walls and build bridges of reconciliation.

Only 5,000 copies of the Director’s Edition will be printed and each will include a FREE BONUS download of the award-winning film, “WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. Is The Answer,” a $25 value!*


Order Your Copy of the

L.O.V.E. Is The  Answer 

*You’ll receive the bonus FREE download of the film via email within one week of your order and you’ll receive the paperback version of the book signed by the author and numbered when we start shipping them mid-February 2020.

*Order extras for presents for your favorite peace officers, students, teachers, ministry leaders and social justice advocates.

* $25.00 offer good only in the Continental United States.

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