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Ethical Excellence 

As a law enforcement veteran, civil rights activist, writer, and Cognitive psychology researcher;  

Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.) is an unparalleled keynote speaker who inspires ethical excellence.  

Name, Title

Tim McMillan delivers emotionally invigorating keynote speeches that inspire audiences to pursue success and happiness through the pursuit of ethical excellence.


When Tim speaks he provides a perfect balance of energy, integrity, entertainment, passion and emotional allure that result in a captivating experience for audiences. Tim is able to use his uniquely diverse background, as a career law enforcement professional, authority on cognitive psychology - specializing in human consciousness and perception-  religious studies, instructor, writer, and civil rights activist; to provide an unmatched speaking experience that can can produce meaningful impact and value to virtually any professional, community, or political sector.   

Lt. Tim McMillan is unarguably in a class by himself when it comes to keynote speakers.

Through a collaboration of diverse experience, the foundation of Tim's speeches are on inspiring ethical excellence. 

In order to ever be truly happy and successful, one must strive to live harmoniously with the universal ethical framework of life. Ethical excellence is the understanding that being good and moral towards others and oneself, produces a state of homeostasis, allowing one to truly be happy and successful in their personal and professional endeavors. 


Custom Engagement 

Every speech is a unique experience.

Every talk is customized to ensure the most significant impact for a specific audience.

Tim McMillan combines captivating  stories, practical knowledge, scientific understanding, and humor to spark energy, creativity and a desire to live a meaningful life and make positive impacts in the lives of others.    

Bridging the Gap 

See how years of working to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, ultimately  taught me about humanity and how we can overcome conflict



is Living


When we want to be truly successful we have to know what true success is for ourself as individuals. Learn how obtaining happiness and success is merely a process of changing our perception of the life we want. 

Total Focus

When are you happier, on vacation or at work? 


Ultimately, it all comes down to our focus and how we train our minds to perceive. 

Working Towards Equality  

Custom engagement discussing capable of covering a wide range of contemporary civil rights issues. Designed to provide solutions to achieving true equality.  

Topics and Outcomes

Contact Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.) 

To discuss booking him for an event or appearance


Walking While Black- L.O.V.E. is the Answer 

Is an award winning documentary film, by filmmakers Aj Ali and Oscar Award winner Errol Webber. The film discusses some of the issues between law enforcement and minority communities and ultimately how we can come together to overcome conflicts. 

Host a Public Forum and Screening

This film is meant to be a teaching tool. Film screenings have been proven to be an invaluable educational experience for schools, colleges, churches, police departments, community organizations, and non-profits. 

Organizations have the opportunity to host a screen and schedule an appearance with Lt. Tim McMillan.

 Lt. McMillan is featured throughout this powerful documentary and individuals or organizations have the exclusive opportunity to schedule him to make an appearance and speak at your screening.


In addition, host have the freedom to request a keynote speech on the subject matter of the film, a Q&A session, or can request another specific training or lecture related to Lt McMillan's work as a rights activist. 

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