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  • By Lt. Tim McMillan

Seriously... Just Leave Happy People Alone!

Last night, I engaged in something I typically try to avoid. I’m not sure if I was bored or maybe secretly longing to satisfy my inner masochistic desires. However, last night I found myself pursuing the headlines of the national news media. 

When a person avoids national media, they will be shocked to discover that the real-life people they interact with day-to-day, spare a few exceptions, aren’t all that bad. One will also find themselves considering the greater world to be symbolically like a backyard bonfire of yard waste- Enchantingly serine or potentially a raging wildfire risk. 

However, the moment a person indulges themselves in the forbidden fruit of news knowledge is the moment they suddenly realize that unbeknownst to them, the world is a giant f***ing dumpster fire; and every single solitary human being is highly likely a huge piece of s***.

For this very reason, I try to avoid the news at all cost. 

Yet, last night I guess pains of hate’s absence in my heart were too much to bear, and there I was scrolling through Without fail, it didn’t take long until I reminded myself that whenever one goes looking for something wrong; wrong with always find them. 

My source of contention came from an article that Megan Markel’s father was saying he would not be attending her royal wedding to Prince Harry this Saturday. His reasons for skipping his daughter’s big day? No… not because he disapproves of her prince husband-to-be; Instead, because the poor man had just had his fill of all the hateful people in this world’s s***. 

I’m not entirely sure why this story upset me so much. However, it wouldn’t be long after reading the article I would find myself hammering away at a keyboard; compelled to share what I had to say. 


I think sometimes people see the media and public scrutinizing famous figures or celebrities and they think, “Oh well, screw them. They’re rich and famous. I’m not. Therefore they deserve it.” Personally, I don’t know why anyone would feel that way. I don’t begrudge a soul for having more wealth or fame than me. Honestly, why would I? Is my spiteful envy for others honestly going to make my bank account or Twitter followers grow somehow magically? Nope sure isn't.

Maybe it centers on the fact that some people want to reinforce that celebrities aren’t better than them. Again, I don’t understand this logic because, I’m ok being honest with myself. Yes, Lebron James is better at basketball than me. Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is a better actor than me. Yes, whether you or I want to admit it or not, indeed, Tom Brady is better than us at playing football. In fact, if I consider it, there are billions of people in the world that are better than me at billions of things various things. 

Guess what? It’s really not a bad thing, because I’m actually pretty ok with who I am. The concept of being “better” than another person is always a matter of relative perspective. Sure Elon Musk is a far better investor and innovator than I am. However, I’m almost 100% positive I’m way better at knowing how to stretch out a civil servant’s salary and survive paycheck to paycheck than Mr. Musk. Seriously, I bet you Elon doesn’t even know that you have to be at least a month behind before the electric company cuts off your power; which basically means you get a free month to pay up the phone bill. 

Now, when it comes to stories like this one with Prince Harry and Megan Markel, I’m always especially bothered by the types BS they have to endure. 

What the hell did Prince Henry of Wales do to deserve scrutiny? Be born… a prince? The man never chose to be born in a Royal family, that’s not exactly something he actually could control. Then, what did Megan Markel do to deserve the constant eye of judgment? Fall in love? With a guy who happened to be a Prince of England? Are you freaking kidding me? Yeah, because who we fall in love with is always a very well planned out and logically based decision right? 

In truth, I don’t care if you are a butcher, baker or candlestick maker, there are a ton of reasons that a person should be happy for Prince Harry and Megan Markel for their engagement and upcoming nuptials. 

Like what you ask? Well... 

How about that fact that this is a young man who has had to live his entire life in the limelight as literal royal. He's the younger brother of Prince freaking charming incarnate, who will in all likelihood be the next King of England. Let none of us forget; as just a kid, he had to endure the unexpected and tragic loss of his mother.  

Remarkably, in light of all of these incredible stressors, Prince  Henry Charles Albert David of Wales appears to have grown up not to be a giant douchebag. Quite the opposite, in fact, he has become a really remarkable and altruistic human being. 

Sure, Prince Harry has had to endure some growing pains over the years. Such as the whole wearing a Nazi SS costume to a party thing years ago. However, if one person amongst us all can truly say that they never did something stupid at 21-years-old they later regretted; well my friend you are such an absolute anomaly that even Jesus would likely say, “Man you’re good.” 

When it comes to the future Princes Megan, let's remember this is a woman whose mother’s ancestry directly goes back to Black Africans sold into slavery right here in my hometown of Savannah, Georgia. So we’re clear, the point is that growing up a person of color in America ain’t exactly always the most comfortable trek. 

Let us also remember that Ms. Markel is an accomplished actress. As recent history has delighted us, as a woman, sometimes landing work in Hollywood can mean that Harry Weinstein thinks it’s ok to masturbate in a potted plant in front of you, or Matt Lauer tries to lock you in his NBC dungeon/boom-boom room. I know of no evidence to suggest that Ms. Markel has had to endure some of these gross misogynies. However, I have be honest; based on the sheer abundance of predatory sexual behaviors that are known to have occurred in Hollywood, I find it hard to believe that any female actress would n’t feel like going to work was to take a stroll through the tropical grasslands of Africa. Constantly trying to avoid wild herds of Charlie Roses or maybe a pack of rabid Steven Seagals. Essentially, in my humble opinion when it comes to her character, I believe Ms. Markel’s acting career, is something that  deserving of honorable mention. 


Unimpressed by them as individuals? Ok, well how about we consider them now as a Royal couple? 

Let’s consider that the woman who will likely earn the title of “Duchess of Sussex” will soon become only the second Black woman to be a member of the Royal family’s in its 1,169-year history. Now, I understand that for many people, the most shocking in my previous statement is the word “second.” Most people likely assume Megan Markel would be the first woman of color in Great Britain’s Royal monarchy, but indeed “second” wasn’t a typo on my part. 

Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in the 1700’s was the first known and confirmed dark skinned English Royal. It is understandable that many people aren’t aware of this considering Queen Charlotte’s ethnic background was, until recently, a lost and forgotten historical fact. See most people didn’t remember Queen Charolette was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House, because in all of her Royal portraits, the artist… well… painted her to look very white.

*Interesting tidbit* Queen Charolette is Prince Harry’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, by the good old “One-drop Standard” of 17th Century America, the red-haired Prince Harry is himself a Black Man. Just a little trivia feather to put in your cap, and some food for thought for some of you vapid hateful White racist. You just might be in for some surprises if you spring the $99 for’s DNA kit. Consider your racist ass forewarned. 

Is it a big deal that Megan Markel is a Black woman? In the world of pure truth and logic, unequivocally not. In the world, we all live in? Ummmmm… I tell you what; let’s go back to the part of this article where you were shocked Ms. Markel was the SECOND Black member of the Royal family and then you tell me what you think. 

In truth, I agree with Megan Markel’s sentiments in regards to the discussions of her race: “it’s disheartening, and a shame that the world is focusing so much on that. It really is. However, sadly we all live in a world that can be disheartening and shame sometimes; so from dating to saying “yes,” to Prince Harry, the couple knew that the topic of Megan’s race was always going to be something people would harp on. 

Ultimately, when the minority divorcee from America, Megan Markle agreed to marry Prince Harry; both of them had to have known that people were going to be talking trash. With the foreknowledge of people’s perverse fascinations with putting down anyone who is happily against the grain; a person is going to have a tough time ever trying to convince me that Prince Harry of Wales and Megan Markel are not indeed, legitimately, in love. 

For absolutely no other single reason that this, every single person should be happy for them both and take celebration in the joy of love.  The more one can appreciate love within others, the more love one will discover in their own life. It’s just a basic universal truth; try it out if you don’t believe me and see what happens.   

In closing, I do feel bad for all of the abuse, racism, sexism and just plain horse s*** Prince Harry and Megan Markel have had to endure since they dared decide to formalize their love in holy matrimony. Not exactly sure why that seems to have inflamed some people. Especially us Americans, considering we seem to often view marriage as little more than a scratch-off lottery ticket. “Meh, I’ll pick up a couple and see what happens. What the hell.”

 I feel bad the scrutiny the couple has faced extends all the way down to their friends and family. So much so that Ms. Markel’s father doesn’t want to walk her down the aisle, not because he’s unhappy for his child, instead because “he wouldn't embarrass the royal family or his daughter.” 

Congratulations! Some amongst us possibly have successfully found a way to ruin a real live princess' wedding. You must truly be proud. 

For anyone else who hasn’t decided to use their moral compass as a blunt-edged weapon, all I can say is that I cannot express it enough… If you cannot be happy for Prince Harry and Megan Marke; if you can’t be happy for anyone who themselves are happy and in love… Please, then for the love of God…


Now, for me, I'm going back to enjoying the peaceful sights and sounds of the bonfire out back and return to trying to stay happy. 

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