• Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.)

Greetings Fellow Earthlings and a Very Happy Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend!

As the weekend officially kicks off, I would like to take a moment to do something I haven’t done in a while. I want to welcome anyone who is a more recent follower of my page. For those who have recently stumbled upon my page, let me share a few less self-evident facts about who or what exactly I am. First of all, indeed I am a real active duty police officer. That is my sole professional occupation and everything that I do here is through my own investment both in time and money. The only caveat being the few instances in which I have received an honorarium for a public speaking appearance. Even then, those funds have always ultimately been used to support things related to my side projects or charity. I only mention that because sometimes people can have a misconception that the things I say or share is fiscally motivated; or that I enjoy some kind of special status in life because I am blessed with the opportunity to interact with people all around the world. In reality, I am as average as they come and no better than any other person out there. Any connectivity I enjoy with people, often simply means that at times I get to enjoy the benefit of people viewing me as a two dimensional object on a computer screen, complete with expressing horrible things or threatening me: This is of course without all of the benefits of wealth or actual stature that a real celebrity enjoys. Full disclosure, actually wish that I would have had the opportunity to separate myself from the Personna of “Lt. Tim McMillan” and rather have simply been like Santa Claus, by anonymously trying to give something positive to the world. Being a police officer is my profession, however, it is by no means who I am. Who I am is probably a little more complex and can be seen in the diversity of topics I discuss. This in itself might seem a little strange to some people. Outside of law enforcement, the largest influences on what I discuss would be my experiences as a blue-eyed, Southern, Jewish man, with a Scottish last name. Additionally, my professional and academic involvement over the last decade in the domain of cognitive psychology, human perception and consciousness. Another influence you’ll see pop comes from over two decades of religious studies, specifically in the examination of Hebrew semantics and ancient Jewish culture. Lastly, nothing is more influential in my life than the two most important titles I hold: father and husband. I am inherently a flawed person, that fails everyday. However, I strive daily to be a better person, and I try my hardest to be an antihero in this world. A person of faults, who still recognizes the opportunity every single day to do good in this world. I have at times often been accused of being politically biased, however, if one was to stick around and pay close attention they might note that I frequently piss off conservatives and liberals. Upsetting people is never my intent, however, I am very truth and justice oriented. I try my hardest to judge people on the merit of their actions, and consider that we all deserve not to be judged as simply being a “good” or “bad” person. Rather we are all human beings that can equally engage in good or bad actions. Because of this inclination, I truly could care less what color someone’s jersey is, and I will equally celebrate good and condemn bad committed on all sides. The willingness to condemn bad acts is something that at times I will extend towards the police profession. For some, not accustomed to seeing one reject an inner-culture gangland mentality this can be extremely abstract. Additionally, the subject of condemning prejudice, racism, and inequality is something I am very passionate about. This is largely influenced by two sources. For the first one see reference to experiences as a Southern Jewish man. The second being that I am not a coward. In my opinion, any person who refuses to examine the presence of inequity, or to consider a potential advantage some could have over others, represents cowardice and the willingness to take an advantage over others, and to accept that, by not playing on an even field, can never truly say they are the best at anything. Now, if you are looking for me to be The Young Turks or Tomi Lahren, you are likely going to be disappointed. When it comes to the things I discuss, I often will research to point of zealousness in order to try and gain the most accurate image of a situation as possible. Stylistically, I will often then discuss a topic through a mix of humor, melodrama, inspiration, and scientific formality. I try hard to not outright tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t think about an issue. Instead, I try to give a widely divergent view than we are often accustomed to and let a reader arrive at their own conclusions. The manner in which I try to bring up important social topics can be at times frustrating or confusing for some people. This is because we are all acclimatized to learning about life from sources that unambiguously tell us what to think or who to hate. The only constant nuance you may see me engage in is to suggest that we all should challenge our preexisting beliefs, even those we assume to be self evident. Most importantly, none of us should hate anyone. This is not to say I am not human, and therefore susceptible to my own implicit biases. In acknowledging this inherent predisposition we all share, I accept that in order for any of us to ever believe that someone else might consider our views to be correct and their beliefs to be wrong; we must equally be humble in accepting we too can be wrong as well. This is why I always encourage people to respectfully discuss anything I have to say. Lastly, I could care less about social media likes, shares, or comments. This is evidenced by the chaotic diversity in topics I will bring up. One day I may discuss something on law enforcement, the next on racism, and then I’ve been meaning for some time to share a sample chapter of the book I’m almost finished writing, that is on spirituality and examining the deeper meanings of the Bible and an understanding of God from a far more esoteric philosophical vantage most are accustomed too; based on the original Hebrew language and culture it was written in. With all of that said, anyone is always welcome to email or message me, however, please do not take it personally if it takes me some time to get back to you. As a husband, father of five, and full time cop, I often enjoy very limited free time. In fact, I have a very close knit group of diverse people who are both close friends and trusted advisors. I have tremendous love and respect for these individuals, however, I think it’s been like two months since we’ve all spoken. (Hey guys, if you read this... love ya!) So with that and in closing, to all of my new friends and old, Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend! May everyone’s weekend be blessed with an abundance of happiness, prosperity, and peace.

Tim McMillan is a retired police lieutenant and investigative intelligence analyst; and holds BA's in mathematics and cognitive psychology. Primarily, focusing on the Defense and Intelligence Communities, he now uses his unique background, coupled with a willingness to examine any mystery, to deliver groundbreaking investigative reporting. Tim is a contributor for The War Zone, Vice, and Popular Mechanics

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