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Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend!

Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend Everyone. Over a year ago I appeared on the TD Jakes show and during my interview with Bishop Jakes I said there is a fundamental problem with how we treat each other and it relates to an age old golden rule that frankly just isn’t good enough. I said for far too long we’ve lived by the golden rule that we should treat others like we would want to be treated. In truth we all do a lot of things to ourselves we know isn’t good or healthy. Therefore, the standard of our conventional golden rule of treating others as we would treat ourselves simply isn’t good enough. Conversely, there is one group of people we always want more for. A group that most of us work hard in order to provide them with more opportunities than we have been afford. Our children... Ultimately, the new golden rule we should seek to treat others is by is on the standard of how we would want others to treat or children. In truth, each and everyone we meet is indeed someone’s child. Additionally, for those of faith we are all children of God. So this weekend in your interactions with others, consider how you would want someone to treat your children in the same circumstances. Strive to never treat anyone else in a way that you would’t want another to treat your own children. At the end of the day, seek to want more for others because you seek to want more for your own children. Let’s no longer be simply our brother’s keeper. Let us instead be our children’s keeper. And with that, again, Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend. May all of our children inherit more goodness than we did.  

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