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Every day I wake up reading the same heartbreaking stories of families being torn apart, murders, children dying young, greed, violence, the list goes on. It’s the same story just different people in other states, countries, etc.

You have parents mourning the untimely loss of a child. I read the comments of “You’ll get over it.” I hate that statement. It’s vile! I’m a mother who’s out lived two children now. One just doesn’t get over it like a bad dream. One just had to learn to live with never ending pain.

You have homeless families on the streets fighting to stay alive, but so many afraid to make eye contact because of the bigots who labeled them as addicts or lazy. Wake up people! My family is homeless not because of addiction or laziness. Everyone has a story untold because of all those who find it easier to judge.

Stop with all the hurtful labels and learn to listen for once! I have me some of the kindest people living on the streets left to die alone because no one cared. Well I care!

You have groups who do nothing but bring hate, violence, destruction, and death. They are not fighting for a cause. Those groups are prime examples of very sad people. All they do is go around looking for awful things, people and events.

I’ve been living with a rare form of cancer and I suffer from severe depression. But thanks to a man I call a friend he encouraged me to NEVER GIVE UP. Thank you, Lt. McMillan.

I may not have a lot to leave my children when I pass away. But at least I am leaving a legacy of kindness, love, & compassion instilled within them, along with a fire to NEVER GIVE UP!

I know my time on earth is growing short but at least I know I made a difference for so many forgotten souls left to die alone.

My wish is there were more people out there to do the same.

Claire Wallace


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