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  • Faye M. Herskovits

To Those Who Think Anti-Semitism Is A Joke.

Yesterday, I noticed an emotionally profound comment that was posted on the article I wrote about Gainesville Police Officer, Michael Hamill having been discovered to have made anti-semitic comments on his personal Facebook.

The comment was so powerful that I felt it needed to be shared further, so that more people could have an opportunity to experience the significant emotion contained within those words. I reached out to the author, Ms. Faye Michaele Herskovits, and ask her if I could republish what she had said. Courageously, Ms. Herskovits agreed to allow me re-publish her writings, and the following is her response to Officer Hamill. - Lt. Tim McMillan


A photo of my baby cousins, my aunt and my uncle.


Please tell Michael Gordon Hamill that the babies and my aunt were shoved into the ovens at Auschwitz and that my uncle was a slave laborer there. Yes, he had a number tattoo on his arm.

Tell Michael Gordon Hamill that my father saw the nazis burst into their home and take his mother and sister to their deaths.

Tell Michael Gordon Hamill that my father dug mass graves for murdered Jews at Bergen Belsen during his early teen years.

Tell Michael Gordon Hamill that it does matter that he makes jokes about nazis and Jews.

Tell Michael Gordon Hamill that he doesn't deserve be in a job that claims to serve and protect.

Tell Michael Gordon Hamill that he needs to apologize to me and to every Jew.

And, tell Michael Gordon Hamill that being a nazi makes him uglier than ugly.

Lesson learned? I doubt it.

It's hilarious when the nazi plays victim. They act so tough by referencing things like shoving Jews in ovens. Then they cry like babies when they are outed and lose their jobs or end up in prison (ie. Chris Cantrell).

Despite being victims of genocide repeatedly, Jews have always been extremely productive members of society and always will be.

So go throw away your lipstick and learn something about empathy and making this world a better place.

"Former Auschwitz guard Traudi Schneider took pride in taking Jewish babies to the gas chamber.""She said, ‘Newborn babies took only a few minutes; they pulled out some that were electric blue’, says Helga Schneider (Traudi's daughter)"

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