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  • By Lt. Tim McMillan

Greatest Trick The Devil Ever Pulled

Over the past year, we have seen the cultural explosion of a movement into mainstream American society. This movement has been defined by several names such as the “Alt-Right,” or “White Nationalism.” Now, I understand that these are broad terms that encompass a wide range of varying views and beliefs; ranging from individuals who wish to express pride in their whiteness to full-fledged views of white supremacy.

The variability of the individuals who support these movements makes it difficult to conclusively categorize one absolute set of tenants or beliefs. However, for the sake of argument, I will use the one attribute they all have, and broadly term this entire ideology as “white pride.”

These contemporary white pride organizations are seemingly dramatically different than the more familiar institutions rooted in the grandiose belief in the importance of one’s white skin.

Often, when one considers white supremacy it invokes imagery of a person covered in tattoos, Budweiser heavy in one hand, and a Marlboro Red in the other.

However, when it comes to the followers of these neo-white pride movements, they often look like they stepped out of a Brooks Brothers catalog and are headed to a 9:00 am microeconomics course at Stanford. Commanding the way, the leadership of these movements often appear dapper, articulate and persuasively charming.

In a further deviation from the norm, many of the adherents of this modern white pride movement publically express lacking a belief in white supremacy. Instead, the present their motivations as being to express satisfaction in the cultural heritage of their whiteness.

One of the principal tenants of the neo-white pride movement is the belief that white culture is under threat and risk being exterminated. Often the blame for the perceived white genocide is not outwardly expressed as coming from minorities. Rather, the threat to white culture is said to derive from liberal politics. This is precisely why the white pride movement has aligned itself with conservative or right-wing politics.

The mid-1800’s and the first half of the 20th century are arguably the most significant periods of racial disharmony in American history. The characteristic leader of the American white pride movements during these eras was the Ku Klux Klan.

During the Klan’s period of prominence, the central methods of achieving their goals were through fear and acts of terrorism. As a result, the Klan has justifiably become synonymous with the lynching of African Americans and frightening scenes of large groups of masked men donning robes, and carrying torches while riding on horseback around large bonfires.

In contrast, the neo-white pride movements not only appear in public unmasked, they present themselves as the exact opposite of being aggressors. Rather, these modern movements consistently express they are merely humble and innocent victims of organized plots against the white race.

The underlying implicit or unspoken resentment by many people in White America, to contemporary civil rights and minority movements such as Black Lives Matter, has only increased the willingness of many White Americans to accept the face value of these modern white pride organizations.

All things considered, the actual physical membership of these organizations may be few in number, however, the complicit sanction of these groups is frighteningly enormous. Many Americans assume the accuracy of the superficial statements they make.

20-year-old Peter Cvjetanovic was one of the many tiki torch carrying white nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for the “Unite the Right” rally last week. In an interview with Channel 2 News, Cvjetanovic said, “White European culture has a right to be here just like every other culture. I do believe that the replacement of the statue [Robert E. Lee] will be the slow replacement of white heritage within the United States and the people who fought and defended and built their homeland.”

Frankly, it is easy to see how one can perceive Cvjetanovic’s words as being vastly divergent of what a person who adheres to hateful ideology would say. Essentially, one can rather quickly begin to mitigate quotes such as Cvjetanovic’s as being justifiable and equate it to being far less problematic or disturbing as some other sound bites they have heard coming from groups they access to be antagonists of white persons.

Additionally, individuals like Cvjetanovic often intermix their beliefs or views with being a rival of American liberalism. The inclusion of political views in white pride ideology only fosters cultural complicit bias in mainstream White America. Secretly in the halls of many individual’s minds, they silently rejoice at the jabs and push back to the current civil rights or social justice movements they see as being a threat perpetrated by liberal America.

Now, their appearance and rhetoric may seem dissimilar to the white supremacy hate groups of the past. However, make no mistake… all of the distinctiveness is absolutely nothing unique. In fact, it comes directly from the playbook of the Nazi party or the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1915, the film “The Birth of a Nation” was released. The film mythologized and glorified the KKK’s existence during the mid-to-late, 1800’s. The film’s release would represent the re-emergence of the KKK in America and ushered in what would come to be known as the “Second Klan era.”

The KKK’s rapid spread throughout White America during the Second Klan era came as a result of one central theme… America, de facto White America, was facing a significant threat of ethnic and moral annihilation.

The Klan’s early propaganda told White Americans they faced threats in every direction. It is rarely discussed, however during the Second Klan era, the KKK billed itself as a Protestant Christian organization. The idea that Christian moral values, which were said to be essential to the fabric of White America, was under threat is arguably the most paramount reason that by 1925 the KKK boasted a membership of 6 million followers.

Most might assume that the KKK’s primary enemy was African Americans and minorities. Indeed, freed African slaves were the focus of the Klan’s angst during the 1st Klan period of the mid-1860’s. However, at the onset of the 2nd Klan period, the primary enemy for White America’s perceived feelings of cultural and moral degradation was blamed on the Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and Communists.

Make no mistake the Klan didn’t consider Black Americans to be of any higher social value than Jews, Catholics, and immigrants. However, during 1915 and up to the late 1940’s, Black Americans were living in such a state of disenfranchisement that they did not present much a threat to the White America's way of life. It wasn’t until the late 1940’s did the White supremacist views begin to shift and focus on African Americans as being enemy number one. This was in response to the early onset of the Civil Rights movement and the emergence of a new threat to the White status quo.

Marching in perfect step with the KKK’s ideology during the late 1920’s and 30’s was a newly formed political party in Germany; the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, abbreviated NSDAP. This far-right political organization is most commonly known in English as the Nazi Party.

The Nazi Party’s rise to power came as a result of the party’s support from the German working class who were increasingly feeling the discomfort of economic disproportion amongst the populous. In the early days, the Nazi Party was strategically focused on anti-capitalism, advocacy for socialism, and German nationalism.

By the 1930’s as they began to gain power under their leader Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party suddenly realized that it was beneficial to work for big business and industry, rather than against it. Now in bed with the very enemy, it had first sold the German people, the Nazi Party needed a new enemy. They would find that enemy in Jews, Romani, Poles, Africans, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and homosexuals.

Maintaining the idea of German nationalism, the Nazi’s emerged as the perceived savior of the “Aryan master race” and de facto the nationalistic view of what was the ideal image of German culture.

Ultimately, the KKK in America and the Nazi Party in Germany were fundamentally rooted in the exact same ideological set of beliefs. Both groups convinced the majority demographics in their national landscape that they were under threat of annihilation by racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

The KKK and the Nazis utilized the same methods in order to gain followers. A form of socially engineered psychological warfare aimed at attacking the very fabric of ethical integrity and moral righteousness. It is an underlying cultural deviant that can be found in every single civilization throughout all of recorded human history. By innate psychology or universal spiritual law, this orchestrated corruption of people is biblical in the sense that it represents the most significant adversary to humanity’s existence.

It is the “Lucifer Effect.”

The Nazis and the KKK used fear and installed dissatisfaction in the majority populous by the use of lies, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and pseudoscience. Their objective was simple. The white Protestant majority, who was already on edge due to an evolving generational and cultural landscape, needed to be whipped into an anxiety riddled frenzy and made to feel powerless.

Once, the majority, who actually already exercised a degree of status quo power, was made to feel perceived powerlessness, the next stage of social engineering could go into effect. This phase of the operation involved giving the majority population an enemy to focus their perceived destitution on. Since the origin of man, the fanaticized majority’s enemy has always been a minority segment of its human populous. The requirement of the enemy to be another human being is a necessity for mankind's eternal accuser to emerge.

The “Lucifer Effect” takes a strangle hold on individual’s minds as the once powerless now began to relish in the spoils of power by exerting it over their perceived enemy. Suddenly, things that would have once tugged at the moral conscience of people become repressed and compartmentalized as merely artificial constructs meant to constrain one from the addictive power they lust for.

It isn’t that people are naïve to the fear, pain, torture, hardship and even death that they facilitate being wreaked on other human beings. In fact, it isn’t even that people are completely unaware of the wickedness of their thoughts, opinions, sanctions, and behaviors. Rather, it is that the people no longer care.

For thousands of years’ human beings have been on the lookout for the physical manifestation of Satan, the devil, the antichrist, or essentially the embodiment of humanity’s lewd tempter. While they pointed fingers and pondered who amongst them might actually walk with cloven hoof and speak with forked tongue, the great evil they all sought always was actually within them. It lay dormant, waiting for enough collective darkness to cloud a society, then it would erupt and consume the very minds f people.

Incredibly, the entire cyclical eruption of this biblically symbolic evil is always ultimately based on senseless deceptions.

To some they may sound enticing, however, the irrationality of the neo-white pride movement and the concept of salvaging white culture is that white culture doesn’t even exist.

African, Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, Pacific Islander, Indian, Native American, these are all classifications used to define cultural identities with specific ethnic heritages. In America, African-Americans were least afforded the ability to retain their cultural heritage. However, let's be honest, that definitely, was not their fault.

All of the above mentioned ethnic identities each have their own cultural attributes specific to them, such as food, language, clothing, etc.

Additionally, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc., all represent religious cultural identities. Again these identities have specific norms associated with them.

However, white is just the color of someone’s skin. It simply means that your ancestors lived in an area further away from the equator, therefore their environment influenced the distribution of melanosomes in their skin.

A person can be a proud Italian-American, German-American, Irish-American, etc. and indeed their skin color would most likely be white. However, being proud of that extent of a person's ancestry actually has a cultural identity attached to it.

At the end of the day, no one should take pride in the mere color of their skin. Ultimately, white pride is just that, pride in the color of your skin under the collective banner of various other cultural and ethnic identities that share the same skin color.

The concept of there being a lack of definitive “white culture” shouldn’t disturb or alarm anyone. Because, if you truly take the time to consider it, the great deception will emerge.

If 1000 white people can come together in protest of a perceived threat to their cultural identity; what this ACTUALLY represents is a collective of people from diverse legitimate cultural, ethnic, and ancestral backgrounds coming together under the umbrella of one collective goal of unification for a meaningful existence.

The only shared commonality is skin color, however, in the context of cultural identity skin color is irrelevant because again… no such thing as “white culture” actually exists.

Essentially, the mere act of coming together in support of "white pride" demonstrates that human beings are capable of coming together in light of their legitimate cultural or ethnic differences and that the color of our skin is not a mitigating factor in being divisive.

Now, I understand that I have to some extent bombarded you right now with a vast amount of information. This includes an understanding of the neo-white pride movement, a historical perspective of some of modern human’s darkest times, and ultimately a philosophical evaluation of good and evil that exists within mankind from a theological and spiritual vantage point.

However, in closing, I will simply say that I hope some people take a moment to consider everything I said. Most importantly, understand that legitimate introspection does not involve accessing fault or blame on others. Additionally, it doesn’t involve trying to associate blame on current or modern events around us. Instead, true reflection involves one engaging in a personal examination and considering what positives they can make for themselves to avoid the “Lucifer Effect.”

Because none of us are perfect. Lord knows I’m not. The goal of life is not to achieve perfection and there isn’t any real “master race.” Instead, the goal of life is to merely strive to always overcome our imperfections.

The moment you think that you have no imperfections, just remember, the devil’s greatest trick plays involves deception.

The moment you think that you have no imperfections, just remember, the devil’s greatest trick is deception.

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