• By Lt. Tim McMillan

The Biggest Lie We All Believe

The biggest lie we all believe is that we become smarter or wiser with age. It's a complete lie! We become smarter and wiser about the LIMITATIONS we adults and humans have imposed on life. However, we DO NOT become smarter or wiser as we mature into adulthood.

All human beings are inherently born harmoniously perfect with the ideal essence of humanity. At the moment of birth, we are born in the flawless shadow of God.

Children are born with absolutely no concept of hate. They don't even understand what hate actually is. A perfect example is every parent at some point has heard their child say to them when their angry, "I hate you!" However, we all know that when they say this, they don't really hate us. They are only using a word, they've learned from society, and their using it in the manner they think is correct, which is really meant to be, "I am angry with you."

Further proof our children are born in the image of human perfection, however, we have all forgotten this, is that we all tell our kids in the moment they say they hate us, "Don't say that." We say this because we all know that hate is not a part of our ideal essence of humanity. Even if it's unconscious, we still know it.

Our children aren't born prejudiced, biased, or racist. Don't get me wrong, our children recognize differences in skin color or cultural and ethnic traits. However, they have zero negative association to these differences.

In fact, they are very literal when it comes to our individual differences. Ask a small child what color is someone's skin and they will say, "Brown," "Tan," "Peach," etc...

Without being told, a child will NEVER describe someone's skin color as "black," or "white." Why?

Because no one is actually black or white. These are archaic sociological labels rooted in the rejection of our human essence, and based on our immoral desires to exert superiority and inferiority over other people.

No one is black. Black is the absolute absence or complete absorption of all of light. Every single person has light. Not one single human being is born on this planet consumed by absolute darkness. Additionally, everyone possesses the ability to give light. It's just harder for some of us to remember that, however, let me assure you that has NOTHING to do with race.

No one is white. White is the reflection of every color in the spectrum of light frequencies. Everything, in existence, operates off of a frequency. White is the purest expression of existence and flawlessness. Everyone is flawed. Not a single one of us is capable of pure perfection, rather we must all fail and error in life as to grow, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

From the moment a child is born, they are wiser and have a better understanding of the universal nature of the human existence than any single adult on this planet. When a person is born, they engage in nothing but simple and inherent physiological and cognitive processes; the ability to sleep, eat, discharge their waste, and exhibit consciousness. Everything that occurs from the point of birth can be considered a product of a person’s balance between physiological, psychological, and environmental influences. Among the many simple inherent traits that a person with born with, there are some very cognitively complex traits that a newborn possesses that we adults in society have all forgotten and therefore we all train it out of our children.

When a child is born, they require the closeness of another human being. Even if it’s nothing more than being in the same room. An infant needs to feel the presence of another person. If a child is isolated by itself, and even if it is still given the basic necessity of nourishment, that child will die. By some kind of unknown and not understood immaterial connection, as infants we all require closeness with other humans in order to survive.

In addition to requiring the presence of another person, in order for one to ultimately develop into a healthy adult, a newborn infant requires one other aspect that defies mere animalistic survival instincts… attachment, or more specifically love.

An infant child that receives all of the necessary nourishment and contact with another person, however, if the infant is deprived of a loving attachment with another person, that infant will grow up and suffer lasting psychological and physical difficulties. Individuals who are deprived the emotional connection of love with another person from birth, often namely a parent, will suffer from moral developmental issues, impulse control problems, interpersonal interaction skills, emotional control, cognitive abilities, and physiological difficulties such as auditory processing, verbal communication, gross motor skill maldevelopment.

In addition to all of the normally considered necessities that an infant requires, there are also those two very significant things that are required for both life and success… closeness to other humans and love. These two attributes are so vital they literally can extinguish life or dramatically handicap one’s ability to add meaningful value to humanity’s very existence.

However, you know what is fascinating about all of this? The race, religion, cultural identity, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political affiliation, the nation of origin, or any other categorical classification you can think of to define a person, is irrelevant to the newborn infant. Rather, the newborn infant needs closeness and love. All of the aforementioned attributes have no influence in regards to that closeness and love that a newborn requires. A child merely needs to be loved by another human being.

We are all born with the knowledge that in order to live and be successful we need closeness and love, and who provides that to us is irrelevant, however, somehow we all grow up and not only do we put significance in the many diverse traits associated with humanity, we are also willing to hate or kill each other over our differences.

Our children believe in living with the expectation of experiencing life. They do not believe in limiting this experience by fearing the loss of life. In fact, a child inherently is not born with a concept of death. We all like to think safeguarding loss of life is the most important role we serve for our children as parents and adults. To some degree, this is indeed accurate. We all have an innate propensity to protect our young. In fact, the mere sound of a baby crying triggers physiological responses within us that increase our stress levels. However, these responses are a result of the friability of our children and the need to protect them from harm. It isn’t fundamentally the threat of death that stimulates our protective responses. Death is merely the most dramatic vulnerability of any fragile biological structure. In actuality, we have the inborn compulsion to protect our young from HARM. Which encompasses injury or potentially death.

Now, in reality, we all are indeed born with a survival instinct to avoid harm. A three-day-old newborn will exhibit the neurological activity associated with aversion towards noxious odors. The infant just happens to be limited by the cognitive ability and gross motor skills to actually physical resist a potential threat due to a toxic odor. That is where we as adults step in to fill the gap and compensate for a child’s inability to avoid harm.

When it comes to children, they possess the ability to recognize threats in their environment, relatively easily and quickly. A small child will be able to recognize a single snake in a bed of flowers much more quickly than they can recognize a single flower in a bed of snakes. Therefore, we indeed are born with the capacity to perceive and avoid harm. However, a child is not born with a concept of death. Why?

The reason we are not born with a fear of death is because we are not supposed to allow the fear of lacking life prevent us from experiencing life. Yet as adults, that is EXACTLY what we do. In fact, the fear of death will cause us to abandon all logic and reason, even at the expense of other human beings. For example, we will deny ourselves the potential to enrich our culture and society by adding new people or cultures into it, based on an irrational fear of death. We will adamantly proclaim that the someone should suffer or die rather than let them seek refuge amongst us in society because of the potential they might bring death upon us. This is not a logically sound thought process. In fact, statistically, the average American is 99.9998% more likely to be killed by another naturally born American citizen than they are an illegal immigrant, refugee, or radicalized religious extremist.

Incredibly, the average American is 66.98% more likely to commit suicide than they are to be murdered by an American citizen. Yet, very few if any of us adults are standing up and demanding more investment and focus on mental health in America.

Additionally, 40% of all Americans lose their lives due to heart disease and cancer. Yet, virtually none of us as adults are running out to improve dietary guidelines for ourselves, much less our children. Not to mention, physical education programs are always the first on the chopping block when it comes to education cuts.

The fact is, out of the top ten causes of death, murder isn’t even on the list. Now, I’m not making this up, this is indeed an actual real life verifiable fact, internationally more people die from diarrhea than violence, which includes suicide, murder, and war combined. However, we still allow ourselves to be afraid of our fellow human beings, and even become bigots and act hatefully towards each other… simply out of fear someone different may cause us death. Meanwhile, our children don’t even have a concept of death.

You may assume the above paragraphs relate to Americans fear of Muslims. You would be partially correct. However, these same irrational fears are exactly what make the radicalized Muslim terrorist or any antagonist of a free society, behave the way they do. Essentially, it's the same rational no matter what reasoning we use to justify our beliefs.

Our children do not come with an innate fear of death, not because they are unwise, ignorant or innocently oblivious. Assuredly, the vast majority of people reading this have assumed this falsehood for their entire lives. However, our children don’t fear death, because, the younger they are, the more they recognize the fact they’ve already gone through what is our concept of death and guess what? They actually discovered a brand new world with so much more to offer than they ever first imagined even existed!

What do I mean? Have I lost my mind? How can I say our children don’t fear death because they’ve already experienced it? Ok… full disclosure our kids haven’t experienced death, rather it was the birth of life.

What is birth? It is a sudden an unexpected event in which a newborn baby leaves the world that once encompassed their entire reality in every conceivable way. For nine months the only form of life an infant knew was the inside of their mother’s womb. That was their reality. They had not a single shred of understanding that anything existed beyond the womb. Yet suddenly and expectedly a baby found itself expelled from its entire concept of reality and suddenly in an entirely whole new and vastly more interesting, complex and large world.

So why should an infant or small child, fear or even, have a concept of death in a negative connotation, when they realize that clearly, the potential for the conclusion of one reality to mean the beginning of an entirely new and better one exists? It has already happened once, why can it not happen again? Does this mean we should all run out and jump off a bridge to expedite finding out what comes next? No! Rather, we should simply not allow our fear of death to preclude us from ever experiencing and enriching the reality we currently are in.

Don't live a reckless life and create the unnecessary potential for harm upon yourself. However, don't fail to live and experience life, out of fear of dying.

Ultimately, in conclusion, I challenge everyone to consider something. How can we possibly think that we are wiser or smarter than our own children when we as adults grow up and reject so many inherently perfect and beautiful attributes that are associated with humanity? Maybe the honest to goodness truth is, we as adults should start paying more attention and realize the wisest and smartest one’s amongst us, actually are the youngest ones amongst us. Just maybe if we all did that, we might actually legitimately create a world in which we quit sanitizing those incredible virtues we are all actually born already understanding.

Tim McMillan is a retired police lieutenant and investigative intelligence analyst; and holds BA's in mathematics and cognitive psychology. Primarily, focusing on the Defense and Intelligence Communities, he now uses his unique background, coupled with a willingness to examine any mystery, to deliver groundbreaking investigative reporting. Tim is a contributor for The War Zone, Vice, and Popular Mechanics

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