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Nabra Hassanen Didn't Deserve to Die.

I think one of the saddest testaments to the climate of the entire world right now, can be seen in the fact that 17-year-old, Nabra Hassanen was brutally beaten to death with a baseball bat and we are all, to some degree, relieved or suspicious that the police have come out and said it wasn't a hate crime. A huge part of wishes the media had never brought up the fact Nabra was Muslim. Because, the moment her faith is mentioned, it fires up the "Muslims Are the Boogeyman!" Vs. "You're a f$&#ing idiot!" crowds. To compound this entire social degradation that we find ourselves in right now, the truth is how could the media NOT mention Nabra was Muslim?!?! The seemingly random savagery of her death, gave all the indications that she likely died because of her religious faith or Islamic headdress. If that alone wasn't bad enough, another reason that it had to be mentioned that Nebra was Muslim, was to explain why she was out walking the streets at 3:40am. Because, as sure as the day is long, without explanation, we would have seen a group of people blaming Nebra for her death, because she was out "too late" and assuredly "up to no good." Or even worse, blame her grieving parents. The same parents who had just found out that their 17-year-old daughter had been chased down, and beaten to death with a baseball, when she did did absolutely nothing to cause her death! Nabra Hassanen didn't deserve to die. Frankly, I don't care, what your thoughts are on Islam... Because, Nabra Hassanen, didn't deserve to die. I truly could care less that you have never broken a single law in your life, and have always been tucked snugly in your bed promptly at 9pm. You'd never be caught out on the streets at 3:40am... Because, Nebra Hassanen didn't deserve to die. Sincerely, I don't care if you think the police are lying about it being a hate crime. Frankly, the designation of a hate crime is merely a legal designation that precipitates a stiffer punishment if convicted and requires the crime to be recorded for data collection purposes. The facts surrounding Nebra's case alone, should satisfy any legal authority to administer the maximum punishment available... Because, Nebra Hassanen didn't deserve to die. Far too often, we try to over simplify what is complex and make what is simple far too complex. At the core of all the other mess we think is important , a 17-year-old girl... a beautiful, innocent 17-year-old girl, who was walking with her friends to get something to eat, would suddenly have her skull caved in by a young man consumed with rage, hate, and at a minimum momentary evil. Frankly, I don't need anything else in tandem with that simple fact, to recognize that Nebra Hassanen's death is devastatingly sad. Nebra Hassanen didn't deserve to die. All that is left, is the uncertainty of what is sadder. The tragic loss of Nebra Hassanen's life, or the fact that too many people aren't sad enough over Nebra's death. Or they at least aren't sad for the right reasons.

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