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  • By Lt. Tim McMillan

A Special Mother's Day Message- To My Wife

People always like to discuss and support the tough role that law enforcement officers have in society. Sure, we deal with a lot of dissent among the populous. Clearly, most of you have heard me express that in some instances, that dissent is warranted. However, there is quite a bit of police support organizations and more than a lion’s share of “Back the Blue” material to go around. However, one role that falls within the field of law enforcement, that is rarely discussed or supported, is the police spouse.

Truthfully, the police spouse can be not only one of the toughest components of the entire law enforcement profession, but it is also one of the least recognized and appreciated. Unfortunately, in some instances, cops themselves forget how important the police spouse is to their success.

It is the police spouse that has to take up the slack and fill the void, when the police officer has to work night, weekends, and holidays. This in itself is a difficult role for any spouse, however, compound that by also raising children and the police spouse suddenly serves a role that is almost mythic and emblematic of a real life super hero.

No, matter what I achieve in life, there is one person that words cannot do justice to express my appreciation for, and that is my wife. I am one of the very lucky men to have a wife that fills that role of super hero spouse. My wife is my best friend and my go-to adviser for every aspect in my life. All of my officers have become accustomed to knowing, that no matter what internally is going on with my job, and my wife always serves as the role of “chief adviser.”

As if all of the stress of being a wife, and police management adviser wasn’t enough, one of the most important and truly amazing roles my wife fills is that of being a mother. Not just any mother, but an amazing mother to our three kids.

Truthfully, I probably don’t admit it as much as I should, but I don’t know that I could do what my wife does for our family. See, my wife isn’t just any ole’ Mom, she is a Mom to our pair of rambunctious five-and-three-year-old boys, and our sweet little 9-month-old baby girl. Taking care of three kids all under the age of five is enough to send anyone running for an IV of good wine, and a bottle of Xanex. However, my wife, like some type divine angel is able to successfully take care of our little herd of young ones, and deal with the hectic and inconsistent life that comes with being a police officer’s wife. Add all the times, I’ve flown to Washington D.C. or California to give speeches and my wife truly is first among equals when it comes to being a wife and mother.

On this Mother’s Day, I cannot express enough to the world, how lucky I am to call such an amazing woman my wife. Equally, as important, how thankful I am to be able to call her the mother of my children. I haven’t said it enough, mainly because I do not believe that it can ever be said enough to truly convey the reality of it, but I truly would not be able to do the things I have done, achieve the success I have had, or be the person I am without my wife.

Lastly, above all else, it is indescribable the amount of joy I have at knowing my children have the most amazing mother that God could ever give them. For that, I will forever be thankful and I love you for all the days of my life. After, that I will still love you, and someday we can be ghost together and then play pranks on the kids! Get them back for all those sleeplessness they’ve put us through. Regardless, raising our bunch of tiny troublemakers doesn’t seem so bad thanks to you.

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