• By Lt. Tim McMillan

When Hate Gets Loud, We Get Louder.

From April 3rd to May 10th 1963, African Americans and Civil rights leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., engaged in the "Birmingham Campaign." The Birmingham Campaign was a protest against racial segregation in America. African Americans and supportive Whites, non-violently protested by marching and staging sit-ins in the "Whites Only" business district of Birmingham, Alabama.

Thousands of protesters, including 600 children were arrested. When the jail was over capacity by 400 people, the authorities turned high-pressure water hoses, and police K9's on Black children who protested during the "Children's Crusade" on May 3, 1963.

In response, May 5, 1963, 3000 more protestors took to the streets in Birmingham.

For over a month, African Americans and civil rights supporters refused to go away. No matter what the authorities did, they kept coming.

On May 10, 1963, the collective body of the pro-segregation authorities was knocked out by freedom and equality. The thud of its unconscious racist body hitting the mat could be heard around the world.

On July 2, 1964, as a direct result of the actions and publicity of the Birmingham Campaign, the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed into law in the United States. As a result, people in the United States, were constitutionally protected against discrimination based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or ethnic background.

For many of us who find themselves in the category of minority, the years of persecution, attempted ethnic genocide, oppression, and enslavement has allowed us to discover immense power. The power of love and togetherness. We have discovered strength through each other.

We possess immense power that hate groups and racist are incapable of having. Whites can support Blacks; Jews can defend Muslims, etc. Ultimately, we can be a massive and powerful force because we can support each other.

For the racist and hate monger, their feelings of ethnic superiority prevent them from experiencing this type of strength and happiness. We can bond together, while hate groups cannot even get on the same page with other hate groups that happen to be dissimilar.

Make no mistake racism and hatred has not suddenly gained any real power. Sure, many of us may have heard an uptick of hateful rhetoric on social media or in the news. However, we can choose love, and that gives us a voice in the good times and in bad. We don't need anything or anyone to justify our existence

Hate groups and racist have no real control because they cannot even control their own emotions. Whereas, we possess the ability to stand with each other stoically. We are so powerful, that I honestly hate racist and proponents of prejudice hate! In fact, I feel sorry for them, and I pray that they ultimately change their mindset.

To spread hate, the proponents of evil must spread lies, propaganda, and fear. However, to sell love, all one has to do is have a desire to be happy.

Hate wants fragment people, to make individuals internalize and hide within they own ethnic groups. Hate wants us to be as closed minded towards others as they are. However, it's too late. We the people have already seen the beauty and power of togetherness. There is no going back.

When racism, prejudice, and hate get loud, we get louder! No matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or culture you're important. Just as important as anyone else. Never be silent, never hide who you are, and never go away. Always be proud of who you are and never fail to remind them we aren't going away. When hate gets loud, we get louder.

Tim McMillan is a retired police lieutenant and investigative intelligence analyst; and holds BA's in mathematics and cognitive psychology. Primarily, focusing on the Defense and Intelligence Communities, he now uses his unique background, coupled with a willingness to examine any mystery, to deliver groundbreaking investigative reporting. Tim is a contributor for The War Zone, Vice, and Popular Mechanics

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