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Identification of Discreet Inertial Frame of Reference in Observations

of Unexplained Aerial Objects

By Self-Reporting Eyewitnesses 

The purpose of this study is to determine if there exists a dependent and correlating relationship between an observer and the observed in reports of Unexplained Aerial Objects sightings. The research hypothesis acts on the assumption that a certain number of Unexplained Aerial Objects sightings represent something materially substantial and cannot be explained as being a result of psychological manifestations. 

The Survey involves a series of questions and should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The Survey will begin with questions related to the specific sighting details, followed by a series of personal perspective questions.  

Informed Consent 

This is an independent research project conducted by Tim McMillan and not associated with any academic institution, organization, or government agency. The project is designed to gather information for the purposes of providing new empirical understandings to reported sightings of UFOs. All research adheres to and follows APA ethical principles and code of conduct for research and publication (Sect. 8). 

Participation is strictly voluntary and you will not be paid or compensated for your participation. Your responses to the survey are strictly confidential and will only be reported in the aggregate. You may withdraw or discontinue your participation at any point, prior to the submission of survey answers. No identifying information is recorded by researchers, therefore after submission of your survey answers, there is no way to identify your specific responses. 

You will have an opportunity to provide you name and contact information at the end of this survey. However, this information strictly VOLUNTARY and only if you would like to make yourself available should the researchers have further questions. Should you choose to provide your contact information, this information will not be shared with any party outside of researchers without your prior consent and approval. 

If you wish to participate, there are two self-reporting survey populations to choose from: 

 Group A 

Individuals who have had at least one sighting of a UFO in their lifetime and have a background and experience in the following professional sectors:

  • The Military 

  • Law Enforcement 

  • Medical Profession

  • Legal Profession

  • Academia

  • News Media 


Group A Survey 

 Group B 

All individuals who have had at least one sighting of a UFO in their lifetime and do not have a background and experience in one or more of the professional sectors in Group A.


Group B 


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