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Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.)

Tim McMillan

Retired Law Enforcement Professional,

Writer and Co-Founder of The Debrief Media, LLC. 

Tim spent nearly two-decades in law enforcement, serving as an investigator, behavioral analyst, criminal-intelligence analyst, instructor, and as a senior police executive. Tim is recognized as an international law enforcement expert by the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (L.E.A.P.)

After retiring from law enforcement in 2019, Tim employed his unique background and avid curiosity to begin a second career as an investigative writer. Primarily focusing on the defense and intelligence communities, Tim has delivered unparalleled and groundbreaking feature articles for popular outlets such as Vice News, The Warzone, and Popular Mechanics

In 2020, Tim co-founded the online media outlet: The Debrief.  Providing a public venue for credible reporting on science, tech, and defense news, The Debrief is rebelliously curious in exploring the cutting edge science and innovative technology of tomorrow. 

Currently, Tim serves as the executive director of The Debrief Media, LLC. and senior investigative writer for The Debrief


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The Debrief is centered on the core belief that the novel frontiers of science and technology is the incubator from which transformative and non-linear innovation is born.

It is our view that a focus must be placed on today’s cutting-edge science and technology, and that unconventional approaches to problems our world faces must be considered.

We aspire to bring attention to innovations in a number of fields and disciplines through informed–and fair–reporting and media coverage.

Where warranted, we believe phenomena in nature that approaches areas where scientific paradigms currently do not extend must also be examined.

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