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  • By Lt. Tim McMillan

Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend!


Shabbat Shalom or Happy Weekend Everyone!

Over the past year, I have seen a particular theme expressed more than I can recall at any other point in my life. This is the concept of power.

Whether it is in immoral politics, or the disturbing sexual exploits, the underlying theme in many of these deprivations of ethical behavior are a result of a delusional assumption of power.

Essentially, much of these eyebrow-raising incidents are a result of two different fallacious beliefs of what is representative of real power.

The first misconception is that power is demonstrated by saying, doing, or taking whatever one wants. In reality, this isn’t power, this represents a feeling of self-absorbed entitlement. You selfishly access that you are superior to others. Therefore, you are entitled to say, do, or take, when others cannot. You feel by demonstrating this ability; this is a demonstration of your power.

The next delusion is by the people who assume that someone who boasts how great, faultless, and powerful they are, means indeed this represents they have real power. This is merely just bravado. Loud displays of power don’t represent power. Rather, it is the exact opposite. The louder a person is in action or appearance to demonstrate their power, ultimately means that person is very insecure. Not powerful.

Real true power is something that represents the amount of respect others have for you. Respect isn’t earned by trying to show how superior you are to people. Ultimately, respect is earned, and real power is gained, by how much you empower others. When people feel like they gain more from life because of you, they will respect you as being a very powerful force in this world.

So this weekend, take some time to consider what is real power is. If you have to tell people how powerful you are, you’re actually not all that powerful. Equally, if you believe that someone is powerful because of how flashy and loud they are, you are forgetting just how powerful you actually are.

Remember, the loudest dog in the room is the weakest dog in the room.

And with that… again, Shabbat Shalom or Happy weekend everyone!

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