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Finding Out You're a Free Agent in the Racial Draft

Well according to David Duke I'm no longer white. Considering, white is a skin color and the only thing I ever did to obtain it was be born, I will gladly check the "other" box, Dave. 

See Dave, African American, well that encompasses an ethic and cultural identity with its own specific ethnic heritage. Now, out of all minority groups, African Americans were least afforded the ability to retain their cultural heritage. But let's be honest, that definitely, was not their fault. Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, Pacific Islander, Indian, Native American, yep all of them too Dave. They all are ethnic identities that have their own cultural attributes specific to them such as food, language, clothing, etc. Christian, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. yep they too are representative of a religious cultural identities, again with specific norms. White... well that's just the color of your skin. It simply means that your ancestors lived in an area further away from the equator, therefore their environment influenced the distribution of melanosomes in their skin. Important to point out, your ancestors too did nothing to inherit that skin color other than be born. Now, you can be a proud Italian-American, German-American, Irish-American, etc. and your skin color would most likely indeed be white. However, if you were proud of that extent of your ancestry, than at least you would have a cultural identity to support your claim. But you don't. You claim, pride and superiority based solely on the color of your skin. Now, there is a reason that people call racist ignorant, and it's because your argument for skin color superiority doesn't even make logical sense. None of us chose the color of our skin, so in essence we got what we got in the lottery of life. So claiming white pride is like claiming you have a winning lottery ticket, simply because you like the numbers on your lottery ticket, not because actually won. In the end, at least being proud of your losing lottery numbers would still make a tiny bit more sense. At least you can actually choose the numbers you got to play. Either way, you're still a loser.  

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